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What a Mother Really Wants…

Mothers. They are one of the most honorable and beautiful gifts to mankind. Whether they have physically produced life or birthed a life spiritually through prayers sweat and tears, women were born to be mothers. To love, nurture and fight for humankind.

I have seen many mothers walk many different paths. I have seen some jump into unplanned motherhood and they did it with a heart of joy. I have seen other moms fight for their child in prayer and fasting, a warrior and a nurturer at the heart of who they are. I think we all understand what an amazing gift a mother is. This may be why we feel so much pressure when Mother’s Day rolls around.

If you are like me then every year your heart does a little bit of gymnastics as you suddenly remember you have to get your mom a gift! Then the twists and the tumbles persist from feelings of guilt. Why guilt? It’s guilt for not having already planned ahead. You gotta plan ahead for something that is completely heart-melting, useful, original and well…her favorite, right? Every year I end up getting something for my mom that feels half-hearted, that feels like “Here is something because I couldn’t find anything else.” Terrible, yes. Am I the only one?

We all have expectations and young mother’s can look different from seasoned mother’s expectations. I asked some moms from different walks of life what they wanted for Mother’s Day and their answers surprised me a little. I will read you a little of their own words…

“Ideally it would be like a weekend away. Not anywhere fancy but just my husband, my baby and me in a different place and away from all other responsibilities and social media.”

“Honest to goodness, I don’t want any gifts. I feel like just being able to finally celebrate the day with my kid is good enough. We usually do a pancake breakfast and then it’s just a normal day!”

“Really, what do I want on Mother’s Day? To be mom, but to have my kiddos and husband see that there are hard days and easy days, sad days and fun days. But I wouldn’t trade this special calling for anything!”

“I always just want to spend time with my kids and my mom. Of course I love cards from them but the gift of their presence is always what I want.”

“The number one thing would be a healed body and second would be my husband being home.”

“Unrushed time with my mom, dad, husband and baby all together and not to have to worry about dishes or anything like that.”

“That my family would go back to being family, like it used to. That gift would supersede all others forever. I would want to have my house CLEANED. Everything from the smallest detail to the largest window.”

Others who wrote me pretty much said the same thing with a back massage or a card just simply letting them know they are appreciated 🙂

Are you a mom? What is it that YOU want for Mother’s Day? Comment below and let’s share ideas. I think what we really want is to just keep on loving our kids knowing that they appreciate us in this very special calling that motherhood is. Some chocolate wouldn’t hurt either!

Featured in these photos are my mom, my mother in law and my firstborn Ayelee Sarah, the one who made me a mom.


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