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Strawberries & Weeds


We were out playing in the backyard by the slide and these purple little flowers caught Ayelee’s attention. I love how simple a child’s delight can be. I wondered when was the last time I ever picked wildflowers?

We played out in the sun until Ayelee started to almost turn pink and then we went inside for some refreshing strawberries and “Gentle Sweet.” Gentle Sweet is a stevia and xylitol mix that I buy from It tastes just like powdered sugar (to me it tastes better!) and I know it’s having zero impact on Ayelee’s blood sugar levels or her teeth. I highly recommend Gentle Sweet. It is also a wonderful sugar substitute for baking.


Ayelee kept giggling as she ate. She couldn’t help but show her enthusiasm for the delicious snack. I’ve had so much on my mind lately and I need to slow down. I think about Ayelee’s joy in finding the purple flowers or relishing the sweet and juicy strawberries one bite at a time and I wonder…the extent of her joys are in these purple flowers or our hugs or our story-time. Her biggest worry right now is that mommy will tell her “No more strawberries.” She doesn’t know what trials look like yet. She doesn’t know there is even greater joy around the corner and with greater joy comes greater heartache. My husband Gabe is currently serving overseas. She is probably confused that her daddy is still “on an airplane” but she is shielded from the reality of his situation. She is just so trusting. In that moment, I wanted to be as amused and excited about purple flowers as much as Ayelee. I thanked God for his goodness and His glory displayed in all things. In Gabe being overseas and in His hands. In purple flowers and in Ayelee’s innocence. Even in the refining moment of being humbled by a child.


Ben Ben wasn’t as excited about strawberries as we were :p Pictured above is this sweet little aloe plant that I found at Aldi. I love Aloe Vera plants for their healing powers. Growing up my mom always kept a huge Aloe plant in the house and used it on our cuts. Now I like to use it not only for cuts but for my skin! Aloe leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin’s natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated. It also reduces stretch marks so it is a great moisturizer during and after pregnancy. If you aren’t about plants then I highly recommend this pure, non-GMO, food grade aloe vera gel for your skin and hair…
Organic Aloe Vera Gel Great for Face, Hair, Sunburn, Acne, Razor Bumps, Psoriasis, Eczema – 12 oz.

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