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At Home in the Military

Oftentimes in the military you hear folks refer to “home” as a state. California, North Carolina, Texas, etc. Home is where you were raised, where you came from before the military. Most of the time it’s the place you go back to every chance you get. Since marrying a soldier I have always felt a little odd referring to our home state as our home although that’s the normal thing to do. My husband and I were both raised in NC. Both of our families are still there. We think of it as home. Yet, I still feel strange calling it that. It doesn’t feel right. Since we’ve been married “home” for us has already been in 4 different buildings and two different states. We get to move around a lot and make new homes all of the time. We’ve lived in an apartment, a big house, a town house and even our friends’ house! That’s Army life. I want to think of our home as the place we are now. Not where we were or where we may end up in our future. Home is our family. It is wherever we are together. When my husband is deployed, he cannot wait to come home. I cannot wait for him to come home. That is wherever we are together again.


Here is a little look into our current home. This is the home where I found out I was pregnant with our sweet Benjamin who is now born. However in these photos I was over 20 weeks along with him. We were gearing up for another baby and another deployment. Our friends from Bible Study own a photography business Our Mighty Song Photography. You can see their beautiful work on their website:  Lynnea does REALLY beautiful photojournalistic style of photography. We were so pleased she came to our house to take these for us. Now we will always be able to see the memories of this little townhouse and this season of life that we were in. Daddy gets off work, Ayelee is over the moon excited that he’s arrived. We love to do everything together with our kiddos. Eat, play and say goodnight. Here is a typical evening in the Griffin home!


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The above photo is a more accurate picture of life right now. Except I’m not always smiling. Sometimes I’m pulling my hair out! But that’s what you do in your own home. You are able to cry and laugh at yourself and miss the ones you love. I sure do miss my sweet soldier. His little girl does too. We cannot wait for daddy to be able to tuck his sweet Ayelee in bed again. View More:

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