Coming Home

6There is nothing like coming home. I just got back from a trip and walking into the house I could feel the weight of the miles lift  from me that I had put on my car and my body. I love to travel and I love to go places. I enjoy visiting family and friends and trying new restaurants, visiting museums or staying in interesting B & B’s but there is nothing quite like coming home again. Home is where you can be yourself, you can just let your hair down and put your yoga pants on. It’s where you know where you stashed the tea and honey. A place where you gather around the table with your family and friends to eat and talk and laugh. It’s a place where disagreements are safe to have. 15
Home is where you feel secure. Home is where you’ve made it just how you want it to be. The walls are the color you want it to be, your decor is how you want it to be. Surrounding you are the things you love whether you live in a tiny home, a palatial home or a two story home, it’s a place we all long to come back to. Home is where you lay down at night, get up in the morning, where you go out into the day but where you can always come back at the end of it all and find rest, peace, comfort and joy. As Anne of Green Gables said to Marilla, ” It’s lovely to be going home and know it’s home.”  Truly there is no place like home.


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