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Ayelee’s 2!

Little Ayelee Sarah turned two on May 31st!

Where has the time gone?

I was just holding this brand new infant in my arms, exhausted, relieved and overwhelmed with joy. I remember when I found out I was expecting with Ayelee, my heart raced and I was over the moon happy!! God has entrusted this sweet precious girl into our care and what a blessed vocation from Him. I thank God for her everyday. She loves to talk and ramble on and on about whatever it is she is doing at the moment and I just love to listen to her. She has stolen so many of our hearts. She is a tough little thing but so so tender and sweet. She makes me laugh everyday. She’s definitely on my top 3 favorite subjects to talk about! Always something quirky and new with her. Ayelee is dearly loved.

I waited to throw a little party until we got to NC where all of our family lives. We were surprised and so very blessed to have a celebration on her actual birthday in GA by dear friends of ours from church. They made a cake, sang happy birthday to Ayelee and handed out party favors. It was really touching. Gabe and I have only just begun to get to know these wonderful new friends. Once we arrived in NC, my mom threw a sleepover party for Ayelee and her cousins. That was so special and she received so many fun gifts! If that wasn’t enough, I thought it would be great to have some more family get together for a cookout under a picnic shelter.


Of course she had only a vague idea of who the parties were for but she certainly knew one thing. She loved it. She loves being around her loved ones. She knows all of them by name and will say their name aloud if she spots them from a distance! She surprises me by being able to distinguish all of her grandparent’s pet names from each other. Nana, Gigi, Momert, Memom, Granddad, Papa, Pops, Papa G. She just loves people so much and loves HER people. I knew it would be the best present ever to let her have a chance to be with all of them.

So we had a great time celebrating and we even got a BIG rainstorm in the middle of it! It cooled things off and some of us even spotted a rainbow afterward. Ayelee saw an airplane at the party as it flew very low over our shelter and she said “daddy?” I said, “yes, daddy was in an airplane!” And she goes. “Daddy is in the sky!” So to her, her daddy was there in a way ❤️ She sure loves and misses our soldier. Gabe wanted so badly to be there. We haven’t heard from him in a couple of days but my sweet mother in law captured this little film and I got some snapshots so he wouldn’t completely miss out! Hopefully he can view them soon ❤ Cate.


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