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We’re Partnering with Khushbu Brand!

Cate and Nancy here. We are continuously amazed at how God weaves together the beautiful stories each of our lives make up. In this video below we explain how we came to partner with one of the most incredible non-governmental organizations based in Delhi, India. Khushbu. They teach vulnerable women and men how to make a living and give them a means to do so!


12At Khushbu these oh so talented people create and sell beautiful pillow covers, placemats, tea towels, totes, makeup/pencil bags and more all block printed by hand. The quality of fabric and dye and the artistry is just amazing but the heart and the story behind each piece is what is truly so amazing. We get to be a part of helping these men and women feed their families. We explain this more in the video below!


You can be a part of something small yet very big. If you head over to our Etsy store you will see we have Khushbu’s items for sale in our shop. You can also see Khusbu in action in the second video down. Browse the items they have for sell in our shop and be part of making a difference in families and a difference in this world.




Thanks for watching!

❤ Cate & Nancy



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