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It’s Almost Fall🍂

Decorating for the holidays can be fun but it can also become expensive and even stressful if we let it. Even though it is technically still summer (and in the South, believe us, it still feels like it) everyone has decorated for fall. The magazines, instagram posts and home decorating shows are all showcasing white and orange pumpkins, plaid throws, cute fall signs. We agree, we can’t wait either!

One of our favorite ways to decorate (and it is free!) is with natural ingredients such as pinecones, acorns, colorful fall leaves and even twigs and branches. You can make simple but elegant table centerpieces using these things. Pinecones are a favorite of ours. A pretty bowl or wood box or even a basket filled with pinecones brings Autumn indoors. You can always dress it up with some ribbon for extra color.

And speaking of ribbon. Do you know what store has pretty fall ribbon right now? Our dollar store does. In fact that is a great place to pick up inexpensive fall decor. Our local dollar store has small pumpkins in orange, bronze and gold colors as well as cute fall signs. Their floral section is filled with the pretty colors of fall. We even bought some pumpkins to spray paint white. That seems to be popular right now. But you have to hurry to your local dollar store because they tend to run out of their seasonal selections quickly!

Candles are another way to transition into the cooler and shorter days ahead. We enjoy having candlelight at our evening meals. It sets the mood and makes dinner seem a little more special. Candles take us back to a slower pace and we can enjoy our family and friends around its glow. However here cheaper isn’t always better. We’ve been learning about candles and how the burning of expensive and especially fragrant candles can cause harm to our environment and us. We will share the details in a later post. Beeswax seems to be the cleanest ones to burn with soy being second (more on this subject later).

Don’t forget to hang a wreath or even a cute fall sign on your front door. I like to buy a simple grapevine wreath and decorate it with some of those fall leaves, silk flowers and vines I bought at the dollar store. We even have some cute ones in our shop, if you haven’t the time to make your own.

Visit your farmers market for the biggest or cutest pumpkins to grace your front porch or steps. Then sip some pumpkin spice tea and enjoy the fruit of your quick and easy and inexpensive labor! Happy fall y’all 🍂

Where do you shop for your fall decor?

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