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Low Carb Blondie Fudge!

What is better than buttery, caramely, soft and fudgey bites of healthy goodness with hints of sweet chocolate bits? We’re not sure. Which is why we are offering you this easy-peasy five minute fudge recipe that call for some simple yet extremely nutritional ingredients to bring you back to the basics of good eating. This fudge recipe is decadent and rich. It’s the perfect bite of sweetness for after supper when you don’t want something heavy but just a little something sweet to round out the meal.


Are you aware of the amazing health benefits of butter? If not, you gotta find out! You will be amazed that you never had a good reason to feel guilty for indulging in the delicious spread. If you are one of those people then you gotta know what you are missing out on! However, if you would like these to be made dairy free you have that option too and it is explained in the video! We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!!

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