Celery juice fad

There has been a lot of hype around celery juice. I’ve seen all my favorite health instagram accounts full of pictures of this green juice. I started to get curious as I saw more and more people talking about how amazing celery juice was. As someone always on the search for anything to help my gut and stomach issues I was on board to give it a try.

Once I hunted down organic celery ( don’t use non organic) I decided I was ready. My biggest concern was the taste of the juice. But I actually like it. I’m the total weirdo that loves celery in general and the salty celery taste. The texture took some getting used to but it’s not that bad.

I’m on day 9 of drinking a glass of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach and then waiting half an hour before eating or drinking anything else.

Morning coffee goes on hold for some Celery juice.

Higher Perspective lists some of the health benefits as…

  • Celery can help prevents chronic inflammation
  • It helps regulate the pH balance of the body
  • it assist in weight loss since it is low in calories but high in fiber
  • Celery helps digestion and treats stomach issues and constipation
  • It can help treat urinary tract infections as it has potent diuretic properties
  • It soothes the nervous system and may help you fall asleep
  • Celery has been found to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, since it contains phthalide
  • It is low in acids and relieves heartburn and acid reflux
  • Celery is abundant in vitamin A, so it improves vision, treats dry eyes, and protects the cornea
  • It can clean your teeth like a natural dental floss since it is breaking into fibrous strands while chewing

Does this magical green juice live up to the hype? Well, last night I made gluten free pasta with turkey meatballs. I accidentally had bought Arrabbiata pasta sauce which apparently means angry sauce. It was SO spicy (and SO good!) The kind of spicy that raises your core temperature a little. Yum. Normally pasta sauce alone gives me such bad heartburn I’m dying but spicy sauce? Yikes. I was nervous. But I had no heartburn last night. Not even a little.

I also tend to get very bloated very easily. My stomach has been so much flatter but more importantly happier. Less gassy bloating, heartburn, acid reflux and all those wonderful stomach issues I’ve dealt with for years. They are so much better!!

No heartburn after this amazing gluten free Cuban pizza…

Even though celery juice has most definitely helped so many of my stomach issues, it’s not a total fix or excuse to feed my body food that doesn’t nourish it. I use it as an aid to live a healthy life and assist with some issues. But you still gotta get up, move and eat a balanced beautiful diet which for me most definitely includes pizza and wine. All about balance.

This may be one wellness fad I stay on board with long after everyone else has moved on from eating their sticks of butter to whatever the next health craze is. You’ll find me cozied up in my new chairs drinking my celery juice. I may even try it at night if it helps with sleep… I’ll let you know!

5 thoughts on “Celery juice fad”

    1. It’s so simple. I use my juicer and juice about 5 large stalks of organic celery. I started off drinking a small glass, because it is fibrous. But I actually like it.


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