Five Fun Podcasts for Your Summer

Hi! Claire here. This year I’ve gotten really into podcasts, listening to them mostly as I’m sitting at my desk during the work week, but also listening in the car or while I’m doing the dishes in the evening. The podcasts I like range from fun to informative and I thought I’d share five I’m loving right now. Hoping that you may enjoy some of these as you sit by the pool or drive to your summer vacation spot. 

  1. Proof Podcast

I am obsessed with Proof. I love all cooking podcasts, like The Splendid Table (you can listen to all the old episodes online!) but when I want something a little funky I turn to Proof which describes itself as solving food mysteries, one story at a time. The Episode entitled Who Stole the Miracle Berry? had me fascinated but the latest about the probiotic craze made me stop and think. According to their research I’m not getting as much probiotic benefits from my expensive probiotic capsule as I would be from actual fermented foods. I’ve made sauerkraut before but I’m currently into Kimchi. Planning to make my own soon. One of my all time favorite episodes was about the history of celery (I know, right?)I had no idea celery used to be the most expensive thing on the menu. You’ll just have to listen to believe me.

Kid Friendly: Yes. My 8 year old enjoyed listening along. 

2) Harder to Kill Radio/ The Great Big Sober Secret

   The Harder to Kill podcast by Steph Gaudreau dives into all kinds of subjects from weight lifting to current events geared towards women. When I decided to give up alcohol several months ago I started listening to podcasts about the subject and this one caught my eye. Turns out there’s a whole movement of people deciding to live alcohol free, not because they feel they are an alcoholic but because it’s just no longer serving them. This episode debunks the myth I think I used to believe, that alcohol is the “key” to the land of fun and relaxing. It also bravely touches on the “Mommy Wine” culture which is rampant on social media these days. If you are wondering what life would be like without drinking or perfectly fine the way things are, this episode is a good conversation and will give you ideas on how to support your mocktail loving friends.

Kid Friendly: Get out the headphones for this one if children are around. Grown up subject matter. 

3)  Enneagram Series with Annie F Downs

   If you are at all into the Ennegream this podcast is going through all the numbers this summer, interviewing people who identify as each number by episode. It’s been really fun and eye-opening. Since I know what all my family members are I’ve gained some insight into their thought life, personality tendencies and what makes them feel loved. Annie F Down speaks from a spiritual perspective which I like. By the way, I’m a 4. That will air on Monday and I have to admit I’m nervous. 4’s always get a bad rap in my opinion. Doesn’t that sounds like something a 4 would say? Ha. Not sure what your number is? There are lots of quizzes to take, but here’s one to start with.

Kid Friendly: Yes. 

4) The Memory Palace

    I love history and this very short podcast highlights little known but super cool moments in history, like the teenager who struck out Babe Ruth (ever heard of that? I hadn’t!). Or the millionaire who spent $200,000 on one dinner in the early 1900’s complete with swans swimming in the middle of the table. But my favorite so far is about the girl who took over her father’s lighthouse and saved countless lives at the turn of the century. Proving everyone wrong that women weren’t delicate creatures but strong capable people who could do life changing things. These are only about 15-20 minutes an episode and the story telling is superb. 

Kid Friendly: Yes. Kids will love this podcast though you may want to double check some of the Halloween episodes which talk about legends of ghosts and such. 

5) Honestly Adoption Podcast

     This podcast covers all kinds of material relating to Foster Care, Adoption and parenting kids from hard places. I found many of them so informative. This podcast offers many different views on topics such as “How do I know if I’m called to adopt?” As well as “Will visiting with birth parents hurt my child in the long run?” and “How to deal with the holidays” as well as the question “Can you recover from childhood trauma?” It’s great if you are a foster or adoptive parent, or you just want to listen to great interviews with amazing people or if you know a foster and adoptive family and want to understand. 

Kid Friendly: Maybe not. Depends on the episode (can cover abuse, ect). 

I hope you find something to listen to this summer and enjoy! 

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