We are so glad you are here!

Our passion is to help you make your home a place of peace and wellness!

We have created our own cleaning products for our personal use and have loved them so much that we have decided to share these carefully designed and all natural products with you as well.

Our passion for wellness urges us to offer only 100% all natural, therapeutic grade ingredients in our products in place of the toxic and harmful chemicals that are in practically every house cleaning product on the shelves these days. 

IrisandHart homemade soap and laundry detergent all natural
IrisandHart homemade soap and laundry detergent all natural
IrisandHart homemade soap and laundry detergent all natural

Homemade stories to go along with our homemade soaps… 

Six women, from the same family, share their stories, their quirks, their recipes, their adventures and their ideas to empower and bring unity among women.  To inspire you and let you know that you’re not alone in who you are and what you bring to this world.  Our blog is the place we share our lives with you.

The five sisters grew up going to school at home, being taught by their mother.   Spending most of their days around the house, they have experienced the wonderful things that a homemade life can offer.   


Homemade soaps, creams and special cold and flu remedies from essential oils

Sour-dough bread made from a wild yeast starter

Sweet honey from the backyard along with fresh eggs

Merry laughter around a table of good and nourishing food that made the whole family thrive

You don’t have to be home all day or keep chickens in your backyard to experience some of the good things a homemade can offer.

We’ll share with you our own simple recipes and natural home remedies.

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There is something so wonderful about working with your hands and accomplishing tasks that require a little extra thought and heart that make those things that much more meaningful and something we can all be 100% comfortable with. It is a very blessed thing to know every single material or ingredient that goes into a product before you bring it into your home!  

We love home life. What makes a home is more than just your beautiful decor. It is the love and the relationships that exist in it. It is the healing that happens there. Although we are family, each of us have different tastes and interests, making our homes and lives diverse and tailored to each of our unique God-given personalities and gifts.

Let us tell you a little about ourselves!

nancy try again.pngNancy Gordon – The mother, the creative force and expert soap maker

Hello, I’m Nancy and I love to make beautiful things! I’m happiest when I’m in my workshop making homemade natural soap or another project for Iris + Hart. There are other things that make me happy as well. One is my husband of 35 years, Hart, my five wonderful daughters and their hubbies. And last but not least my sweet grandchildren. Life is full but good. God has blessed me so much.

cate logoCate Griffin – The daughter, story-teller and the one behind the camera

Hi there! My name is Catharine.  Almost everyone calls me Cate.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. He is the reason I have so much joy! I am a wife to a wonderful soldier, Gabriel and although we’ve only been married three years- I feel like we have a decade of adventures to tell. I am a mom to two children, Ayelee Sarah and Benjamin George. Ben Ben was born just this year. He was ten days old when his daddy had to leave for Afghanistan. We give him all of the extra cuddles that we can!

I really enjoy taking photographs. My major was in photojournalism. I’ll be sharing lots of photos with you as you read along this journey of ours.

Please feel free to get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you!

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