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Honey Throat Coat

Natural Sore Throat Fix What to do when the seasons change and you start to feel under the weather? An achey-scratchy-irritating sore throat that so many of us experience as one of the symptoms of a bad cold can leave us feeling a plethora of emotions as it is not only uncomfortable but can deter… Continue reading Honey Throat Coat

Nourish Me Tea
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Nourish Me Tea & the Truth about Vitamins

These are powerful plants that God gave us for healing and thriving. They are nutrient dense, packed with vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals along with a TON of potent phytonutrients including deep-green chlorophyll and carotenoids. Without additional compounds, synthetic nutrients are unlikely to be used by the body in the same way the body uses natural vitamins and minerals...

DIY Whimsical Bridal Shower
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DIY Whimsical Bridal Shower

“The world calls them its singers and poets and artists and storytellers; but they are just people who have never forgotten the way to fairyland.” -L.M. Montgomery We had a lovely time putting together my sister Nan's bridal shower and then enjoying it amongst loved ones who came to celebrate her as a bride and… Continue reading DIY Whimsical Bridal Shower

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It’s Almost Fall🍂

Decorating for the holidays can be fun but it can also become expensive and even stressful if we let it. Even though it is technically still summer (and in the South, believe us, it still feels like it) everyone has decorated for fall. The magazines, instagram posts and home decorating shows are all showcasing white… Continue reading It’s Almost Fall🍂