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Take a glance at our featured item of the month! Every month we like to feature an item from our shop that is especially important to us. We treasure all of our handcrafted items and put tender loving care into each and every one that we create. Our passion is to offer products that are of high quality with a methodical approach to making them.

We take our time to ensure we bring you the very best condition and thoughtfulness that only a handmade item can offer.

Magnolia Essential Oil Diffuser

We love to diffuse essential oils in our home and we realize many others do as well! We wanted to create something beautiful out of a staple in many homes that would be a wonderful addition to one’s decor.

3575We are teaming up with Young Living Distributer Lauren Hull who is providing us with a 5ml bottle of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil. The first person who purchases a diffuser from our shop will also receive this Lavender Essential Oil as a gift from us.

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This Magnolia ultrasonic 120ml, BPA free Essential Oil Diffuser looks lovely in the entryway, living room and guest room/bathroom. As you can see, little Ayelee loves it too. She just thought the mist was so cool!

This diffuser has an egg shell blue chalk base that rests in a pretty nest-like wreath with two gorgeous magnolia flowers and a bit of Lambs Ear. It is simple and sweet and pairs well with many color palettes. The diffuser and the resting wreath are sold together. They can also come apart easily for cleaning and other use.

Make your home more unique and inviting. It’s pretty exterior will fit in nicely with its surroundings and also catch the attention of your guests who see it for the first time. The wonderful aroma therapy that comes from using an essential oil diffuser will make everybody feel more at home and at peace.